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Tawhid Boys School have become the proud winners of the ‘AMS (Association of Muslim Schools) Secondary School of the Year’ award 2011, sponsored by the Yusuf Islam Foundation.

The event, attended by Muslim schools up and down the UK was held at Madani School in Leicester on Saturday  2nd April 2011. Collecting the trophy, Our amir, brother Abdul Ghani Alibhai (above) had the following to say:

“JazakAllah khair to the judges who saw fit for Tawhid Boys School to receive this award and jazakAllah khair to AMS for organising this event.  I wasn’t expecting this to be absolutely honest and the one thing I can say is that our school would not have achieved this without the work, motivation and dedication of our head teacher, brother Usman Mapara.  So for me, the school can only achieve what it does with the vision, motivation and dedication of the head teacher.  He transfers his good qualities and his motivation right through to all the staff, students and the wider community.  JazakAllah khair.”

The award represents a milestone in the school’s short history and is a testament to the fabulous progress it has made over the past 12 months which includes achieving ‘Healthy School Status’ in 2010 and the implementation of a ‘Healthy Eating Policy’ as well as the co-ordination of a ‘Health Awareness Event’ with the British Heart Foundation.  The school also raised £5000 in one week for the Pakistan Flood Relief and is part of the ‘Schools Linking Programme’, a pioneering initiative that brings together students from Muslim and Jewish faith schools for a series of events and curriculum based activities.   The school gives high priority to spiritual development, which is promoted through prayer, reflection and daily study of the Seerah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Regarding Tawhid Boys School, Ofsted commented;  “Students’ high academic achievements owe much to the dedication of their teachers, the very effective leadership of the headteacher and senior managers and the support of the governing body.”

The winning trophy is currently being displayed in the trophy cabinet inside the  school’s main entrance.


Tawhid Headteacher wins

‘AMSUK Transformational Leader of the Year 2012 Award’

The award, sponsored by the Yusuf Islam Foundation was awarded at the AMSUK Conference on Saturday 24th March 2012 at Madini School in Leicester. After receiving the award, Mr Mapara thanked Allah SWT for giving him the opportunity to serve the children and Ummah. He went on to thank AMSUK for the award and praised the fantastic team of staff, Volunteers and School Management he has had over the years to work with without whom the success of Tawhid Boys School would not have been possible. May Allah SWT continue to raise the achievement of all our schools.

In deciding the judgement the AMSUK wrote;

“Our judging panel deemed that Usman had made an immense contribution in the improvement of Tawhid Boys School, London, in his capacity as headteacher. We had a good number of nominations for this award from many schools where the senior leaders have transformed the governance, spirituality and achievements of the school, having a direct impact on the learning of individual students. Brother Usman stood out in particular and the award is richly deserved may Allah Almighty accept both your efforts.” (Mufti Hamid Patel, Lead Judge, AMS Awards Panel)