Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition 2014

This year we undertook our first expedition for Duke of Edinburgh.

Well done to a group of 12 boys from year 10 & 11 who completed their DofE bronze expedition and mashallah all of them passed. They have become a step closer to completing their award which they should be doing in the near future inshallah. The boys who completed the expedition, from year 10, are; Saifullah Adia, Ebrahim Akhoon, Aadil Faruki, Hamza Demir, Aadam Sheikh and from year 11; Zakee Abdi, Kalid Mohamed, Kalid Muse, Abdullahi Warsame, Abdullah Saleem, Mohammed Raage and Abdulkani Abdullahi.

Over the course of the expedition the pupils appreciated the value of teamwork and also learnt some great new skills. For the practice expedition the overnight camp was at Herts Young Mariners Base in Cheshunt and the camp for the assessed expedition was in Gilwell park, near Epping Forest.

We are hoping we can have many more successful expeditions in the future.

The DofE award is highly recognised and is particularly impressive to universities and employers. We hope inshallah most if not all our students will be enrolled onto the DofE programme, starting from year 9

Expedition Training


On 22nd March we had our first expedition training here at the school. We had a specialist come in to teach the group how to; read OS maps, create routes and navigate, how to hike, camp and cook. All the skills they’d require if they were to to undergo the expedition without any adult assistance.

Practice Expedition

Our practice expedition took place in Cheshunt and we camped overnight in Herts Young Mariners Base. For this expedition the pupils received help on how to camp, cook, read maps, etc. This helped them to prepare for their assessed expedition.

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Assessed Expedition 

Our assessed expedition took place in Epping Forest. The pupils all successfully hiked and camped overnight and passed their expedition.


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