Sustainable Travel

Cycle Maintenance

Over  the last half-term our YTA group  had the opportunity to participate in the Cycle Maintenance sessions. The following areas  were covered during the sessions with practical demonstrations.

  • Punctures – wheel removal, locating punctures, fixing punctures & wheel refitting
  • Wheel tuning essential for better braking
  • Brake adjustment for powerful, silent stopping
  • Adjusting hub bearings for maximum life and smooth running
  • Gear adjustment: including fitting new cables and fine tuning front and rear mechanisms
  • Bottom bracket and headset adjustment.


Bikers Breakfast Held at Tawhid

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Pupils promote walking in assembly

Wow Assembly October 2016

School Travel Plan 2015-2016 STP Booklet 2015-2016

School Travel Plan 2014-2015 STP Booklet 2014-2015

Pupils present on road safety:

On Tuesday 24th November 2015 our YTA pupils held an assembly on road safety. Click on the link below to view the presentation.

Road Safety 2015

Pupils take part in Track Cycling at the Velodrome


This was a real life experience for our pupils being their first time on an Olympic cycling track at the Velodrome in Stratford. Used for the London Olympic 2012, our pupils were very nervous and excited. 14 pupils took part in the event and the experience was breath taking. They settled down well and were well taken by the track demonstrating they had the skill set to be successful riders on this terrain. However, they really understood the challenge when the track became more challenging going up the steep hills and coming fast around the bends. Fitness played a huge part and Mashallah majority of our pupils lasted the full session. Overall 10 out of 10 for the experience. Pupils want more!

Smart Cycling


Road Safety Workshop Held for Year 7 at Tawhid

Our Year 7 pupils took part in an interactive and engaging workshop relating to Road Safety, delivered by Hackney Council. This initiative is part of our School’s Sustainable Travel Plan, in partnership with TfL, STARS and Hackney Council.

Pupils discussed the importance of identifying hazards on the roads and took part in exercises relating to Risk assessments and planning safer travel routes.

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Tawhid Boys School were award best ‘STARS’ Secondary school in East London. The achievements of the highest performing school in reducing car use, increasing walking and cycling and using public transport more responsibly were celebrated at an annual event at City Hall which was attended by Mapara,  Muhammad Yusuf Lunat (Y7) Muhammad Abdullah Samadi (Y8B) Omar Abdullahi (Y9).

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Pupils at Tawhid Boys School were invited at STARS awarding ceremony for their outstanding performance.

stars event


STARS Europe accreditation

At least 26 Hackney schools have achieved accreditation through STARS Europe this summer, including 14 at gold or silver level – the table below shows the schools who have met the standard, congratulations to them!

Their efforts will be recognised Europe-wide and their awards will be presented at a special ceremony next term, details on that coming soon…

St Scholastica’s William Patten St Pauls with St Michaels
Orchard Southwold Lubavitch Boys
Jubilee Springfield Queensbridge
Kingsmead London Fields Lauriston
Tyssen Sir Thomas Abney Stormont
Gayhurst Millfields
Grazebrook St Johns of Jerusalem
Wentworth Benthal
Tawhid Colvestone
The City Academy
Princess May

Halfords hold cycling workshop at Tawhid

On Wednesdays 17th June 2015 Halfords held a cycling workshop at Tawhid. Instructors had demonstrated different aspects on how to maintain bicycles. Pupils were awarded certificates and vouchers.

halfords pic 1halfords pic 2

Pupils Participate in Bike around the Borough

On Thursday June 18th, 10 pupils  took part in the Bike Around the Borough event organised by Hackney Council.

873 riders from across Hackney  has assembled in Hackney Downs and Clissold Park for the 9 mile course to Hackney East Marshes.


Halfords hold cycling workshop at Tawhid

On Wednesdays 17th June 2015 Halfords held a cycling workshop at Tawhid. Instructors had demonstrated different aspects on how to maintain bicycles. Pupils were awarded certificates and vouchers.

halfords pic 1halfords pic 2

Bicycles, for as far as the eye could see

Hundreds of young cyclists from more than a third of Hackney’s schools took to the roads on Thursday 18 June for our fifth annual Bike Around the Borough (BATB) mass ride.

It was the second-largest ‘bike bus’ in the world, with 873 children, staff and parents completing the nine-mile circuit of Hackney – missing out on the World Record by just eight riders!

It was a chance for students to practice skills learned at cycle training and to raise awareness of how easy it is to travel around the borough by bike. It also saw school staff trained in cycle marshalling. 

Pitch Event

Campaign_Junction_438 (2)Campaign_Junction_038 (2)

As part of our STAR enrichment program, pupils from year 7 presented new cycling initiatives to a panel from transport for London and were awarded £300.00 to run an event in the summer which will be promoting cycling in the summer. You can view their presentation below.

The pupils from year 7A & Y7B were excellent Ambassadors for the school and performed to a very high level. We would like to thank all the pupils who took part, including Mr Bawa who coordinated the programme, and congratulate them on their magnificent success. Mashallah well done

Cycling Event-A Success

On Wednesday 10th June 2015 we held our annual cycling event at SpringHill park. Pupils had the opportunity to participate in various cycling activities.

  1. BMX work shop
  2. Fastest rider (Abdul Rahman Talbi Y8)
  3. Slowest rider (Mohammad Saifullah Chariwala Y9)
  4. Obstacle course. (Hamza Bousanguar)
  5. First time riders (Fiver pupils who had never ridden a bike were trained how to ride a bike safely.

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On Your BYK Event


Cycling trip to Deepdale

On Wednesday  13th of May , a group of Year 7 , 8 and 9 pupils took a cycling trip to The Deepdale Granary In Norfolk .On the first day we took a hike around the local area just before we went to the beach were we played a game of football. The second day was filled with enjoyable activities as we took a cycle trail through the country for about 6 hours there were a couple falls and slips but overall it was a great ride and we had a lot of fun throughout .Jazakallah to all the staff who helped.-Abdul-Rahman Akhoon.


Father and Son Event Cycling and Hiking May 2015

Cycle Superhighway Route –  Consultation 

Dear Parent,

To let you know that the public consultation for Cycle Superhighway Route 1 is now live, and can be found here:

You have until the end of Sunday 29 March 2015 to have your say on the proposals.

Overview – TfL has been working with the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Islington, and is proposing a major new cycle route between Tottenham and the City of London. Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) would run from White Hart Lane to Liverpool Street station, forming part of the London-wide network of Cycle Superhighways. Subject to the outcome of the consultation, construction is due to begin later this year and finish in 2016.

Pupils get their Bikes Fixed


As part of our STARS Europe program pupils at Tawhid had the opportunity to take part in Bikers Breakfast session at the School. They got their bicycles repaired by Dr Bike. They enjoyed a healthy breakfast, as part of the Bikers breakfast session they were given healthy cereal, fruits, and juices.

ROAD SAFETY WEEK Police Visit Tawhid

police assembly

On Tuesday 18th November 2014, during the Upper School Assembly, Years 9-11 at Tawhid Boys School were paid a visit by the local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, as part of one of the School’s aims; to build links with the wider community and maintain long term relationships with the local policing team. PC Mohammad and PC Spinks focused on Road Safety and Bullying, as this week coincided with Road Safety Week and Anti Bullying Week. Many important issues were raised by both police officers, especially in relation to Cyber bullying and being safe on the road whilst cycling. The pupils seemed very focused throughout the assembly and many important points were highlighted by the policing team, in relation to Road Safety and Bullying.

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week

Bikers’ Breakfast

Every term we hold a bikers’ breakfast here at the school. Students and teachers have the opportunity bring their bikes’ in and have them serviced for free by Dr Bike. There is also a free breakfast served in the morning including croissants, a range of cereals, fruit juices and much more!

bikers brek 1 bikers brek 3 bikers brek2

STARS Europe

We have a group of students, our STARS ambassadors, who are currently working on a project on how they can promote cycling within the school. They have done some brilliant work and have come up with excellent ideas on how they can promote cycling. They have a workshop every week and receive help from a sustainable travel officer from both Hackney council and TFL.


Walk To School

We promote the walk to school scheme here at Tawhid and our walk  to school day is Friday. All students and teachers are encouraged to walk to school on Friday and those students who live further away and come to school by car/bus are encouraged to get off a stop or two early/park further away from the school and then walk. This helps to provide the students with exercise and a healthier lifestyle and also helps to keep the world greener!

STARS Champions BMX Trip To VeloPark

Students learning techniques and skills on how to BMX
Students learning techniques and skills on how to BMX
Students learning techniques and skills on how to BMX
Students learning techniques and skills on how to BMXBMX'ing at VeloPark
Students getting ready to go on the track
Students getting ready to go on the track
Bilal Omar mastering the track after many falls and bruises!
Bilal Omar mastering the track after many falls and bruises!
Uzair, Adam and Mohammed Amaan (year 9) TBS's very own BMX stuntmen
Uzair, Adam and Mohammed Amaan (year 9) TBS’s very own BMX stuntmen