Home School Partnership

In addition to the school, parents play a very prominent role in the moral upbringing and academic achievements of their children. The school sees the partnership as a triangular relationship between the school, the parent and the pupil.

The school requires that all parents support the school with its policies and regulations. Where there is co-operation, pupils have a better chance of achieving the desired moral and academic objectives.

A mutual co-operation and understanding between the school and the parents is vital. Parents should continually monitor the progress of their child at school.


    • A strong partnership between the home and school
    • Promote positive relationships
    • Provide the highest quality of education
    • An opportunity to involve parents and the community in our work
    • And welcome their assistance in as wide range of activities as possible
    • To strengthen mutual respect and understanding between parents and school personnel
    • To join parents and schools together to guide each child towards knowledge and independence
    • We seek to share information and knowledge that will support student, parents and teachers

To achieve an effective partnership we need to have:

Enable families to share information about culture, background, children’s talents and needs with schools. Assure that all information for and from families is clear, usable, and linked to children’s success in school at each age & key stage. Assist schools in understanding families.

Communicate with families about school programs and student progress through effective school-to-home and home-to-school communications.

Improve recruitment, training, work, and schedules to involve families as volunteers and audiences at the school or in other locations to support students and school programs.

Involve families with their children in learning activities at home, including homework and other curriculum-linked activities & decisions.

Coordinate resources & services for families, students, and the school with businesses, agencies, and other groups, and provide services to the community.

“And we will unite (in paradise) those who believed with their children who followed them in belief and we will not undervalue their own actions in any way”