Careers & Work Experience


In Year 10 students undergo a two-week work experience programme. Placements are closely organised in areas of Students interest. We have established a good relationship with our work experience providers and valuable feedback is obtained on each placement from employers. Their suggestions and advice are valued and ideas taken on board when planning for the next cohort. Students record their daily experiences in a diary.

We also provide Careers guidance and support the child’s development throughout their time at Tawhid through interactive resources, activities, presentations from speakers from different professions and a continuous programme from Year 7 to Year 11. We work closely with neighbouring further education Institutions to provide relevant information and literature on careers and developing personal skills to improve pupils’ life chances. Visits to career fairs and exhibitions, college and university raising aspiration and open days, and motivational talks are all planned throughout the year for Years 9, 10 & 11.

Year 8 Trip to Big Bang Fair

Alhamdulillah, our Year 8 pupils had a fantastic and enjoyable experience today at the Big Bang Fair, which took place at Westminster Kingsway College. This event focused on STEM learning and many institutions and organisations were present.

They also took part in an App development workshop and a special GCSE Science workshop. Pupils engaged in many STEM learning activities throughout the day with Institute of Civil Engineering, STEM in Schools and Young Engineers Association.

A huge thank you to Westminster Kingsway College for organising this inspirational and motivational educational event, in partnership with The Big Bang Fair.

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Successful Work Experience Program at Tawhid

At Tawhid boys school have been running work experience Programme for our Year 10 students since 2004. It is designed to make our students first experience of the world of work more meaningful and inspiring.   We have worked in partnership with local organisations, central government and private established independent firms. To name a few we have had children working at North London Muslim Housing association,  Transport for London, Islam Channel, BBC, Investment Banking firms  etc.   The important thing about work placements is that they provide an opportunity for young people  to get to grips with working – meeting deadlines and working in a team. While a placement may enhance their knowledge and help with the students studies. it can also help students find out more about a job or industry.   Some feedback from our partners during last year’s work placement.   “how impressed we were with the two Y10 work experience students , Ahmed and Faizul who worked with us during June. June is always an incredibly busy time for us and the students were of great assistance. They worked quickly and efficiently, hardly took any breaks at all, were punctual, reliable and consistent. They were also polite and professional and Ahmed in particular acted as a real leader and helped and supported Faizul”   Rebekah Westgate: Assistant Principal Staff and Student Recruitment BSix Brooke House Sixth Form…