Homework and Home Study

Homework which may take many forms, including that of continuing class work or projects and assignments, will be set on a regular basis- and must be carefully and thoroughly done and handed in on time. Homework timetable requirements will be sent to parents during the Autumn term and can also be downloaded from the parent portal.

Equally, students must be ready to undertake extra homework, which may not be timetabled, if it is appropriate to a particular stage of a subject. The support of parents in ensuring that homework is conscientiously done in appropriate surroundings is much appreciated. The ability to study independently becomes increasingly important, as student’s progress through the school and good habits established at an early age is a foundation for good self-discipline in later life.

It is imperative parents work closely with the school to support their child. Parents must check, via the planner, homework is done regularly. They must allow time to go through the work with their child and provide the school with feedback on related task. They must praise, encourage our students at home and use appropriate rewards to celebrate achievements. Students must feel their hard work is being valued. Homework is monitored on a weekly basis.

Reports & Assessments


At the Start of the autumn term, you will be invited to a Progress Review Meeting with your child’s form tutor to discuss the general progress and/or concerns relating to your child’s education and pastoral needs in the Academic Review Report. During the Winter term, you will invited to the second Progress Review Meeting report and assessment of each student will be given to parents.  During the summer term, a full academic report and assessment of each student will be given to parents.

Parents can also use the online secure INSIGHT portal to access assessment data for their child.


Your attendance and participation at both of these meetings are compulsory. Parents who fail to attend Parents Evening must contact the school and arrange an appointment to collect their child’s report.

Parents are also welcome to arrange an appointment to discuss their child’s progress during the course of the year as and when felt necessary to do so. Please arrange an appointment in advance.

A database of each student’s attainment is updated termly for each subject allowing the school to monitor and direct additional support for students. Insha-Allah, this close monitoring will ensure students do not fall significantly behind their expected levels during the Key Stages and also enable us to extend high achieving students further.

Progress Tests in Year 7, 8 and 9 are also administered to monitor student’s progress.