Our Staff

TBS has a team of dedicated staff that aims to provide a high standard of education. Most are PGCE qualified teachers, graduates or postgraduates specialised in their subjects. The School encourages and supports its staff for Continuing Professional Development. The School provides NQT and QTS Induction Programs. Staff have the opportunity to attend a range of subject and professional related day release courses with external agencies.

The Staff Team 2021/2022

Head Teacher                                                   U. Mapara
Deputy Head                                        Y. Rawat
Senior Management Team               U. Mapara, Y. Rawat, , O. M. B. Snell, M S Potts, A Khan
Head of English                                    O. M. B Snell
Head of Science                                   Y. Rawat
Head of Mathematics                         M. Jamadar
Arabic Coordinator                             ML Siddique
Humanities Coordinator                    I. Hussain
I & R Studies Coordinator               A. Khan
Computer Science Teacher             B Ali
Quran Teachers                                ML Y Ahmed & ML M Patel
Curriculum Coordinator                 U. Mapara
Art Coordinator                                 R Gajra
Physical Education Coordinator     S Medar & U Patel
DSL Lead & Deputies                    U. Mapara (DSL),     A. Khan (Deputy), Y. Rawat (Deputy)
ICT & E-Safety Coordinator            Y. Rawat
Behaviour Coordinator                  A. Khan
Enrichment Lead                            U. Mapara
Enrichment Coordinator               A Chikhoun
Assessment Coordinator               Y. Rawat
Exam Officer                                    Y. Rawat
LAC Coordinator                            O. M. B Snell
Numeracy Coordinator                M. Jamadar
SENCO                                              U. Mapara
Careers Leaders                              ML S Potts & U Mapara
Work Experience Coordinators   ML S Potts & S Alibhai
Careers events coordinator         A Chikhoun
RSHE Coordinator                           Y. Rawat
SMSC Coordinators                        ML S Potts & A. Khan
Senior Administrator                     S. Alibhai
Admin Support                               ML Y. Ahmed & A Chikhoun
Caretaker                                        A.  Alibhai