Policies and Procedures

logopdfAdditional Leave Policy Sept 2021

logopdfAdmissions Policy Sept 2021

logopdfAnti Bullying Policy Oct 2021

logopdfAppeals against Internal Assessments of Work

logopdfAttendance Punctuality Policy Sep 2020

logopdfBehavior and Discipline Policy Oct 2021

logopdfChild Protection Safeguarding Policy Sept 2021

logopdfComplaints policy Dec 2021

logopdfCurriculum Policy Sep 2021

logopdfConfidentiality Policy

logopdf Careers Policy Sept 2021

logopdfEducational Visits Policy

logopdfE-Safety Policy Oct 21

logopdfExam Policy

logopdfE-Safety Guide For Parents

logopdfFirst Aid Policy Sep 2021

logopdfHealth Safety policy Sept 2021

logopdfHomework policy Sept 2021

logopdfHosting Speakers Advice

logopdfInclusion policy Sept 2021

logopdfMarking and Assessment Policy Nov 2021

logopdfPrivacy Notice

logopdfPupils Code and Conduct Sept 2021

logopdfPacked Lunch Policy Sept 2021

logopdfPARENT HANDBOOK Sept 2021_22


logopdfRole and Responsibilities of the Form Tutor Sept 2021

logopdfRSHE Policy 25th May 2021

logopdfSafeguarding-who does what at TBS

logopdfSafer Recruitment Policy

logopdfStaff Team 2021_22

logopdfTawhid Boys School Prospectus

logopdfTawhid Term dates 2021_22

logopdfTawhid Term dates 2022_23

logopdfTawhid Boys School Drug and Substance Abuse Policy

logopdfTawhid Boys School Feedback Policy Marking Card

logopdfTBS Remote Education Policy Sep 2021

logopdfTBS Monitoring Teaching & Learning Policy Sept 2021

logopdfTawhid Boys School Ofsted Inspection Final REPORT May 2018

logopdfWhistle Blowing Policy

logopdfAnnual Register for formal Complaints 2019_20

*Hard copies/Paper copies provided on Request