scotland yard

A group of Year 10 pupils took part in a consultation meeting at New Scotland Yard on Tuesday 18th November 2015. The event was organised by the London Muslim Communities Forum (LMCF) which is made up of Leaders and representatives from London’s Muslim communities, Police Officers/Staff and Partners. The forum is jointly chaired by Metropolitan Police Commander, Mak Chishty. The forum provides space where community representatives can highlight the issues affecting Muslim communities and device a joint up response.


With growing media coverage of Syria and Iraq and the way stories related to Muslims are portrayed in the media the majority of Muslims feel like they are constantly explaining themselves and apologising. The group suggested and decided that the hard work and success of Young British Muslims needs to be celebrated by organising the Muslim Youth Festival to take place in London in the 7th February 2015. The tone of the event is to be positive and educational. The day will provide an opportunity for young Muslims to discuss their concerns, hear success stories from British Muslims, ask panel questions and be part of making recommendations on how to support young people. The Muslim Youth Festival will be open to everyone wanting to share their views, learn about Islam and the Islamic culture, listen to success stories and take positive learning back to their communities and organisations.