Another school year has come to an end and we’d like to thank all staff, students and parents for their hard work and effort throughout the year. We also had our award ceremony on the last day  for those people who had done exceptionally well throughout the year and had gained a lot of logbook points. Other awards included the outstanding attendance and punctuality awards. Below are the logbook results and recognition of pupils who had outstanding attendance and punctuality. A big Mashallah to them and we hope they carry on their hard work next year. We’d also like to thanks parents for ensuring their children are working hard and coming to school everyday and on time. 20140717_105653_resized   Logbook Awards

1 Ahamed Anas YEAR 7 Badr 1880
2 Faruki Bilal YEAR 7 Hudeybiah 1816
3 Ahmed Hanad YEAR 7 Badr 1660
4 Faruq Eesa Muhammad YEAR 7 Hudeybiah 1248
5 Sultan Keji YEAR 7 Hudeybiah 1087
6 Abdi Hadi Kahin YEAR 8 Hudeybiah 1054
7 Mohammad Zakariyya YEAR 8 Badr 1017
8 Attas Syed Qatadah YEAR 7 Hudeybiah 995
9 Hussein Bilal YEAR 7 Badr 872
10 Abdul-Rahman Akhoon YEAR 8 Badr 865

House Winner – Badr Class Winner – Year 7   Attendance and Punctuality Awards

Outstanding Attendance And Punctuality (99%+)
Class Name
Y 6 Mohamed Abdinur
Y 6 Tanwir Islam
Y 6 Mehraaj Nasim Mamun
Y 6 Abdulahi Mustapha Yusuf
Y 7 Abubakar Ali Nur
Y 8 Haroon Jabbar
Y 9 Bilal Omar


Outstanding Punctuality (99 %+)
Class Name
Y 6 Bilal Abdullahi
Y 6 Mohamed Alawi
Y 7 Hanad Ahmed
Y 7 Qatadah Attas Syed
Y 7 Omar Dualeh
Y 7 Bilal Faruki
Y 7 Abdullah Gouaalla
Y 7 Mohammud Jama
Y 7 Sami Abubakar Tahir
Y 8 Ibrahim Abdinur
Y 8 Mohammed Saif-ullah Chariwala
Y 8 Ismail Mahamed Ismail
Y 8 Muneeb Bin Moazam
Y 9 Muhummad Amaan Mapara
Y10 Abdullahi Siyad Abdullahi
Y10 Aadil Faruki
Y10 Muhibur Rahman


Outstanding Attendance (99%+)
Class Name
Y 6 Anis Ali
Y 7 Abdullah Lunat
Y 7 Shuaib Abdirahman Mohamed
Y 8 Yusuf Hirad
Y 9 Amin Abdirahman Mohamed
Y10 Kazi Naim Ahmed
Y10 Hamza Demir
Y11 Isse Ali
Y11 Mohamed Dahir Abdirahman
Y11 Mohamed Halane
Y11 Kainan Mohamed Hassan
Y11 Yonis Mohamed
Y11 Abubakar Omar
Y11 Mahad Ulusow