A group of our students were lucky enough to visit VeloPark and even have a session on the BMX track. Abdullah Lunat (Y7), Bilal Omar, M Amaan Mapara, Uzair Bhoola, Husnain Farakh and Adam Elalfy (Y9) all had a great time at VeloPark, where they were given a introduction to BMX’ing and then get to go out and have fun on the track. A special mention to Bilal who took loads of falls and suffered a few bruises but didn’t give up and mastered the track! The instructor described Bilal as “committed and a winner!” Finally we’d like to thank STARS Europe for giving us the opportunity to visit VeloPark and have a very enjoyable experience.

  Photo 23-04-2014 11 34 40 Students getting ready to go on the track