Alhamdulillah, our School was very fortunate to have held its 6th Annual Qur’an Recitation Competition this year, on Thursday 21th April 2022 at our school. In total 41 pupils registered for the Competition and for over three weeks our pupils competed by way of reciting Qur’an during the blessed month of Ramadan, through three qualifying rounds, to a team of Teachers (who are well versed with The Qur’an) and have been judged and tested accordingly, in their recitation. 

As a result, from the semi-final, a total of 10 pupils were chosen specifically by independent Judges to recite and formally participate in the Grand Final of the Qur’an Competition. Pupils in the final were tested according to their Tajweed, Voice and overall correct pronunciation of each letter. Our judges. overall the feedback from the Judges was very encouraging. The quality of the recitations and Tajweed was of a very high standard. The experience for most pupils was very challenging and highly competitive overall. We pray that the aim of the competition, to promote the recitation of the Quran in its beautiful format has been achieved. A huge Jazakallah to our honourable guests and judges.

PositionStudent NameTotal score
1stAbdurrahman Muhammed Taluqdar (Yr. 11)196
2ndHamza Sarikaya                                      (Yr. 10)195
3rdAbu Bakr Maljee                                     (Yr. 10)191
4thKhalid Mohamoud                                  (Yr. 11)188
5thUsmaan Zaidi                                          (Yr. 11)186
6thSufyaan Maljee                                        (Yr. 7)183
7thYaqub Said                                               (Yr. 9)178
8thSalah Eddine Khelifi                                 (Yr. 8)176
9thMustafa Snell                                           (Yr. 9)171
10thYusuf Potts                                               (Yr. 8)165