This programme was run by brother Wasim Riaz from faith associates and supported by Google and the London Mayor’s Office. Our Y7 & Y8 pupils learnt about the importance of creating a productive, yet safe, online environment that the younger generations can benefit from. The Muslim Digital Safety Ambassadors programme fits into the wider Health and Wellbeing part of the school curriculum as it focused on online safety, mental health, and safety of children. The programme also focused on empowering and encouraging peer to peer support which we have found to be the most impactful way of making a positive difference. The programme was designed to support the digital aspect of health and wellbeing at school. By ensuring students are informed and trained on using digital media safely and productively, so that they will become Model Digital Citizens who understand both the dangers and benefits of social media and are able to conduct themselves responsibly and effectively. Our pupils took part in the following sessions:

  • Session 1 – Are we responsible with media?
  • Session 2 – Protect yourself from fake news
  • Session 3 – Looking out for harmful content

Please see the following posters from The Muslim Digital Safety Ambassadors