> Update: March 2011

Our Trip to Oxford University

By Humza Sheikh & Safwaan Rahman

We arrived at the university and were introduced very welcomingly by an Oxford university teacher and three students. They took us to a classroom at the university and told us what we were going to do throughout the day, we were then split into groups and asked to draw clothes of two different stickmen, one a student from oxford the other a student from any other university. The drawings that people came up with were hilarious and depicted what people thought of oxford students; little did we know we were very wrong in our ideas of the oxford students.

The three groups were each taken to different classrooms and got involved in different activities from politics to Russian literature. The activities were a feeler as to what a lesson at oxford would be like. In the politics lesson we had an active debate and took part in a quiz about English government history it was very interesting. In the Russian literature class we learnt about a writer named Fyodor Dostoevsky whose work was inspired by murder.

After having lunch and praying zohr salaah we were taken on a tour around wadham collage by the students themselves. They took us in the libraries, dining halls and dorm rooms. The libraries had books from the 1800’s and had a copy of every book ever published in the UK. The dining hall was literally like something from a harry potter scene. There dorms were a catastrophe they had clothes scattered everywhere and cheap foods on their shelves, it defiantly changed our views about the students that went to oxford!

Oxford University Oxford University
Above left: The University dining hall, reminiscent of the Harry Potter movies.
Above right: Our pupil’s in the University grounds.

We took part in a scavenger hunt outside of the university compound and had to take pictures of the items we found outside the university like the funniest hat and biggest beard. The students showed us how university life at oxford isn’t just study,study,study but also about having a bit of fun.

All in all the trip was very informative and gave us a brilliant insight on how we could, inshallah, become an oxford student. The activities were inspiring and defiantly gave me the drive to do well in school to achieve the ultimate goal- becoming an oxford university student. We now know what the expectations are to get into the university and are ready to do what it takes to achieve it.