> Update: November 2010

We would like to congratulate the Year 10 pupils of Tawhid Boy School, London, for their fantastic achievement in completing the AQA Police procedure Awards at the end of last Term. Siraj Patel achieved 100% in his exams which has not been witnessed by Hackney Police Cadets ever. The Pupils attended a presentation ceremony at New Scotland Yard where they were awarded their certificates for their achievements. The pupils have been excellent ambassadors throughout the course and we are very proud of them, well done.



Hackney Police (GH) Volunteer Cadets Test Programme

During the programme pupils were given lessons on the following subject areas outlining police procedures.

1. Personal Descriptions
2. Epaulettes
3. Radio Etiquette
4. Stop and Search
5. Theft
6. Powers of Arrest
7. Prisoners
8. Race and Diversity
9. Offensive Weapons
10. Traffic Collisions
11. Section 150 and 174 Road Traffic Act
12. Section 163 Road Traffic Act
13. Drink Drive
14. ESD Procedure

At the completion of the programme the student were to sit a Basic Metropolitan Police Exam. This exam does not give the applicant a greater chance of becoming a police officer but will demonstrate that they have attained a basic level of understanding in police procedure. Those that achieved 70% or more in the exam were awarded a certificate to acknowledge achievement which can be put on persons curriculum vitae.

The subject matters contained in this course were similar to that of which a Police Recruit is expected to learn and understand in the first few weeks of training. The course allowed pupils to gain confidence, build self esteem and develop a deeper understanding of Police work. They also gained accredited certificates which will form part of their records of achievement

Week 1:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Radio Etiquette, Epaulettes, Personal Descriptions, Phonetic Alphabet

Week 2:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Theft

Week 3:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Offensive Weapons

Week 4:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Drink Drive, Dangerous Dogs

Week 5:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Traffic Collisions, 170 + 154 RTA 1988

Week 6:
Location: Hackney Police Station
Activity: Arrest + Caution, Custody Procedure, Prisoners

Week 7:
Activity: Fire Grounds, ESD Procedure, Role Play Scenarios, Revision

Week 8:
Activity: Basic Police Exam