> Update: December 2008 – February 2009

Year 6 are doing very well and we hope they are having an exciting and challenging year. Year 6 have settle down well and are working hard in preparation for their SATs in May.


We would like to congratulate Mr Rawat who was appointed Deputy Head in September 2008. His main responsibilities will be developing systems and promoting the use of ICT in school. Mr Rawat has already made a major impact over this Term with implementation of a range of initiatives throughout the school management systems and expanding resources for teaching and learning. We wish him all the best and anticipate an excellent future for him at Tawhid.

Parents Survey

We would like to thank all those parents who kindly completed the Parents questionnaire in May 2008. Overall, there has been a significant improvement in all areas. The Management have analysed the Survey and have prioritised as action points the following areas:
• The school provides an interesting range of activities
• My child is encouraged to be healthy and take regular exercise
• Behaviour in School is good

Tawhid Achieves the Higher Award from TfL

Higher Level TFL AwardAlhamdoulillah, Tawhid was the only secondary school in Hackney to achieve the Higher Sustainable Award from Transport for London (TfL) for its achievement to promote sustainable transport in July 2008. This is a major achievement and would not have been possible without the contribution from pupils, parents, staff and the School Travel Group. We would also like to thank Hackney Travel Plan Advisors for all their hard work and continuous support.

Tawhid will be concentrating on promoting Cycling this year and have secured funding for pool of six bikes to provide on road cycle training, biking events for pupils and parents and cycling sessions for Year 7 at Lea side Centre. The school is also promoting the WOW (Walk Once a Week) initiative on Fridays. Parents can play a very important role in reducing further the usage of cars by contacting the school to organise car sharing with other parents. Tawhid will Inshallah continue to strive to achieve the ‘Outstanding Award’. We request all our parents to actively support the School travel plan initiatives that have been planned to take place during next Term. Parents we need your support!

Year 11 GCSE Presentation Evening

Allhamdoulillah, once again we achieved very good GCSE results last summer. This has been due to the hard work of all the pupils and the Staff. The GCSE Certificate Presentation Evening was held on Saturday 22nd November 2008. Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf, Imam of Masjid E Quba, was the guest speaker at the event. He emphasised the importance of pupils remaining steadfast and excelling in their chosen vocations as good Muslims. We wish all our pupils to continue to excel in their studies and to become beacons of light for the entire Ummah. Results will be published on the School website this Term, Inshallah