> Update: December 2008 – February 2009

Year 6 are doing very well and we hope they are having an exciting and challenging year. Year 6 have settle down well and are working hard in preparation for their SATs in May.

GCSE Science

Year 6 have been doing practical work on Solutions and have recently extracted salt from Rock, using Dissolving, Filtering and Evaporating. Year 7 have been working on Acids and Alkalis and Particles. Year 8 have completed a topic on Food and Digestion, which culminated in an cross curricular essay on “a PFC Chicken Burgers journey through the Digestive System”. Year 9 have been look at the reaction of Metals, which will lead onto deducing the Reactivity Series of Metals.

Year 10 have recently completed their first Science Modular Exam, topics included Adaptations, Genetics, Atomic Structure and Chemical Changes. They will now work on Electricity and Designer Materials before their next examinations in March 09. Year 11 also complete their Chemistry Unit C2 for the GCSE Additional Science syllabus. We are now studying Newton’s Laws of Motion and Radioactivity. The GCSE exam results will arrive after the Winter Break.

ICT improvements:

Alhamdulillah, the school has rapidly improved its ICT over the past year. This is the summary of the recent work. We now have Interactive Whiteboards in ALL classrooms and we have bought in new digital resources for the new Key Stage 3 curriculum. The ICT Room has been overhauled, with better computers and flat screen monitors. We have also installed a digital display in the front entrance, which allows important message to go out to the school community.

Mr Rawat


The big news this year in English concerns the beginning of major changes taking place in the application of the subject at key stage 3…

A positive change, the launch of the brand new year 7 scheme of work; ‘Progress In English.’ involves an all-new exciting interactive resource that is used to create a more visual and audio learning experience, in line with the teaching and learning requirements of the modern age. Units are also individually caterred towards each assessment focus in Reading, writing & Speaking & Listening, thus allowing an easier identification of specific strengths and weaknesses in the learners’ overall performance in the subject. The year 8 and 9 versions of the schme will be gradually filtered in over the next two years.

Make dua for the continued development and success of English at TBS! (and make dua for ease as well!)

Mr Bilal


Mashallah, this year we had introduced OCR National Course for GCSE students, and hopping that we will get very good result, as the pupils are working hard and showing positive response towards the course.
Yr 10 and Yr 11 are doing Unit 1 of the OCR National Course, and inshallah when they will return back from their holidays, they will be working on Unit 2.
While in other years, Yr 6 are working on Spreadsheet (Modelling), Yr 7 are learning about ‘ Gathering Information and presentation’, Yr 8 are working on ‘Web designing’ and Yr 9 are doing some small practice projects.

Business Studies

Year 10 have just started the Business Studies GCSE course and are currently getting to grips with terminology and jargon used in business. They have completed the first 2 sections of their course and are finding the course challenging. Pupils have been stretched to write more extensively providing reasoning for their business decisions within the theory and practice.

Year 11 have just completed the first draft of their Marketing coursework in which it gave them the opportunity to see what it would be like to open their own business. Their aim was to use marketing effectively to make their business a success. In difficult economic times, their task has become even more challenging. The coursework ran over a period of 6-weeks with time for short revision sessions in preparation for their Mock Exams… Good Luck Year 11


Alhamdulillah, we had a very good start of the year. Year 6 had entered in designing a poster competition held be London Transport, the theme was ‘How cycling helps to keep healthy body’. Pupils had draw some nice poster and submitted for the competition. Remaining years like year 7 and 8 were learning ‘optical Drawing’ while Year 9 were working on ‘Means of Transport’.


Year 7 began looking at Geography in an investigative way. They have carried out a range of their own investigations to become more familiar with the world they live in. They have investigated noise levels at various sporting venues, the effects of children playing video games, the effect of fast food and obesity and a variety of environmental issues.

Year 8 are investigating the features of coastal deposition and what can be done to prevent damage to humans from coastal erosion.

Year 9 have been investigating how France economic activity has changed over the last four decades. They have been exploring a range of industries throughout the country looking at tourism, energy usage and the effects on the environment. They have understood the different views of all the stakeholders. A live debate was held in small groups were they presented their views to the rest of the class.

Year 10 have been studying the Physical and Human World. They have developed a deeper understanding of population change and the different types and reasons for settlements.

Year 11 have completed the Unit on Tourism looking at several case studies of coastal and mountain attractions. They have also completed the first draft of their coursework in which they had to compare two similar urban shopping areas through their own chosen line of enquiry.