> Update: January – February 2009

Interview with New Students (Naweed and Izhaan), By Mohammed Mahamaroot

Q. Do you like the school?
N: The school is ok.
I: The school is alright.

Q. How was your first day?
N: My first day was good, even though I haven’t got a chance to play football.
I: It was ok, as the whole class was held back after school.

Q. Are you going to leave this school next year?
N: Maybe, I might leave to go to a different school with my old friends.
I: No, I’m going to stay here, so that I can learn to become a better muslim.

Q. Do you like the teachers?
N: I like some of the teachers, some of them shout a lot and some are very kind.
I: I like all the teachers, they all are very nice.

Q. Are people nice to you?
N: Some are and some not.
I: Same, same are and some not.