We were visited by three graduates from Kings college and they spoke to us about the reality of College and University life. They kindly listened to our queries and advised us about the various opportunities pre-sent if we choose our A-levels wisely. Siraj, the English graduate stressed the importance of social network-ing. Iftekhar, the mathematics graduate, told to us to widen our horizons by expertly selecting our course and Habib, the student studying medicine gave us insight into dealing with patients and the importance of getting experience in your chosen fields.
Bilal Abdullahi Y11
Brother Amin is a 4th year medical student at Kings College London who is also a MSC holder in global health policy, brother Iftekhar is a PwC deals advisory and brother Siraj who has a degree in English lan-guage and Literature and achieved 3As in his A-levels has worked for media companies such as ITV, WalltoWall and October Films. These brothers helped us to think about our career choices in the future and answered our questions. We year 11 appreciate them coming to our school.
EbuBekir Cetinkaya Yr 11