Today JCOSS, a Jewish secondary school visited Year 8 in Tawhid as part of our inter-faith linking program. They arrived at 10:00 and our first activity together was an ice-breaker where we did a ‘Would You Rather’ game, with questions such as ‘Would you rather live in the countryside or city’, and we had to discuss with each other why we picked a certain choice. Then the Year 8 students presented their presentations on the Five Pillars of Islam which we had prepared earlier. These were full of information for the Jewish students to learn more about Islam and our beliefs. After this we had a break, where both schools could socialise and mingle. Then, one of the teachers from JCOSS, Mr. Rosenburg, presented his own slideshow on the different types of Jews, and their different festivals/celebrations, such as Yom Kippur and Purim.  Two of the students from JCOSS did a captivating play of how Purim started. Then we had to create masks for Purim which is a festival of singing and joy for Jews. Overall, the day was fun and a informative time for both us and JCOSS, as we learnt new things about each other’s religion –  Abid year 8