”On the 17th of January yr 9 visited the British library and we learned about sacred texts.

When we arrived my initial thoughts were about the sheer size of the library. It was massive.

Sacred texts

When we entered the workshop and took our places on our seats to learn about sacred texts we were greeted by two women. They asked us many different questions like, “what makes a text sacred” and “Can a holy text be seen as sacred” and “what makes a holy text sacred”.

These questions were very intriguing and had many different answers. I learnt that sacred texts can be tied with religion and many different things. I also learnt that the sacredness of Holy books isn’t the book itself but the writing inside. The book is just a container. We were given different objects and were told that anything can be sacred and can have a meaning behind it. We were given a mobile phone and we had to find out what was scared about it; we learnt that mobile phones can contain sacred texts. I also think that sacred texts can pass down information and can give us a greater understanding of the past.” Haroon year 9