On Tuesday 11th of December I along with 14 other students participated in an inter faith linking program with Jewish community of secondary schools (jcoss) at the RAF Museum in Hendon. Jcoss was accompanied by 2 teachers, Mr Goldenberg suggested we could do an activity an icebreaker between us called human bingo. We were handed a bingo sheet which contained statements that we must ask the other school. This encouraged us to engage with each other. Following this was a walk through a hangar where we saw old planes with machine guns propped up behind the propellers, oval shaped bombs and even an example of a bomb shelter where people fled to when German bombers soared over them in the sky. Later we went back to the room to have lunch and pray dhuhr, where both schools talked to each other. Our day ended with a Q & A about stereotypes attached with Islam and Judaism. Overall the day was fun and educating where we discussed several matters and found how similar our religions are.
Abid year 8