When we got inside the cathedral we got put into groups. One group had Mr Gorur and one had Mr Khan I was in Mr Khan’s group and we met our tour guide.

She took us to a bench and told us some history about the cathedral then she took us to painting where it showed a picture of Jesus and three angels and Jesus was pointing up and he had a halo on top of his head.

After that, she took us to a place where a priest was playing the violin and choir was singing loudly and told us to sit on a bench. Then Mr Khan took us to a room where we prayed our Dhur salah. When we came back to the cathedral we had our lunch and shortly after we started to the stairs of the dome (which was over 600 steps). At the end of the long climb there was a really high balcony which we stood on the balcony also had an amazing view and we could see the London Eye and the colossus Shard. After all that we had to climb back to the cathedral and we prayed our Asr salah and then we went back to school.

Yahya Hassan Yr 8