Our trip to the Emirates included an abundance of fun and an exciting experience. We met students from Jewish Community Secondary School, and got to know a lot of things about them and their religion. We started off in a room in the hub. We played a quick game of human bingo, which helped us learn about each other. We then had an amazing tour of the Emirates stadium, ranging from the locker rooms to the shuttle where the actual players walk through to get to the pitch. At the beginning of the tour, we went up a long flight of stairs, leading us to the trophy room. We saw trophies ranging from FA cups to EPL trophies. This led into the home and away locker rooms. Inside was a mini gym, a Jaccuzi, a large changing room and, of course, a bathroom. We then left to go to the actual stadium, passing through a cafe and going towards the stands. We sat down and our tour guide explained some of the clubs history. We then headed back to the hub, where we had lunch and played some football. Overall this trip was very enjoyable and we all had a very good time.

Riaz Ermis Yr 8