STARS letter – gold schools

Dear Gold STARS School,

STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) scheme

As Walking and Cycling Commissioner for London, I would like to congratulate you for being an exemplary Gold STARS school. Well done to all the staff, pupils and parents that contributed to your Gold STARS accreditation. This is a prestigious award, and we know how much time and hard work it has taken to achieve this.

The Mayor’s vision for young Londoners is to ensure they should have the best possible chances for health, happiness and success in our city. Transport for London’s (TfL) STARS scheme encourages the whole school community to think differently about their travel choices and how these can impact their health, wellbeing and the local environment.

Being part of STARS means that you are part of a growing number of schools that are transforming the way young people, parents, and staff travel on a daily basis. Each year STARS schools replace 22 million kilometres worth of car journeys with walking, cycling and scooting and you are contributing to this powerful change. You are leading the way in a quiet but powerful revolution that will benefit everyone who lives and works in this city by reducing congestion, improving road safety, and increasing health and wellbeing. Accredited schools have benefited on average from a six per cent decrease in car use on the school journey.

Yours sincerely
Will Norman
Mayor of London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner