Y11 pupils took part in a special workshop led by Steve and Rehman from Faith Matters, aimed at raising awareness of hate crimes and Islamophobia in general. Also, Y9 & Y10 pupils took part in a larger assembly, in which they had the opportunity to pose questions and discuss important hate crime relates issues.

Faith Matters is a not-for profit organisation working  to challenge hate crimes, reduce extremism and improve inter-faith relations between different faith communities in the United Kingdom.

The Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) project is also run alongside Faith Matters, which is currently the only third party hate crime reporting service in the UK dedicated to supporting victims of Islamophobia and anti- Muslim hate crime. This may range from threats and abusive behaviour to assaults, property damage and the use of anti-Muslim literature. We believe it is imperative that such issues are discussed within local communities; in order to raise awareness of the impact of these crimes and how victims can be supported. Tell MAMA provide emotional support, practical assistance, advocacy, signposting and mediation to victims.

The guests from Faith Matters managed to raise awarenessat our school and pupils managed to discuss some of the issues around Islamophobia and how Faith Matters and other organisations can support the victims. Since November is marked as Islamophobia Awareness Month, we believe it was a great opportunity for our students to learn about our findings and what support mechanisms are available.