TBS 3rd annual Qur’aan Recitation Competition:


Alhamdulillah, our School were very fortunate to have held its 3rd Annual Qur’aan Recitation Competition this year, on Sunday 5th February 2017 at Masjid e Quba in London. In total 41 pupils registered for the Competition and for  over three weeks our pupils competed by way of reciting Qur’aan through three qualifying rounds, to a team of Teachers (who are well versed with The Qur’aan) and have been judged and tested accordingly, in their recitation. This year was the first time we held a special semi final event for this competition in our School with the whole School attending including staff. This provided pupils with more confidence and better equipped them  for the Grand Finale at Masjid Quba


As a result, from the semi final, a total of 7 pupils were chosen specifically by independent Judges to recite and formally participate in the Grand Final of the Qur’aan Competition. Pupils in the final were tested according to their Tajweed, Voice and overall correct pronunciation of each letter. We had a prestigious range of special internationally renowned guests who judged the pupils in their Qur’aan recitation. The panel of judges for the Grand Final included: Qari Ziyaad Patel (South Africa), Qari Ilyaas El Badr (Egypt), Shaykh Shokri Majouli (Tunisia), Qari Ilyaas Badat (India) & Shaykh Inaam ul Haq Malik (UK). MashaAllah, overall the feedback from the Judges was very encouraging. The quality of the recitations and tajweed was of a very high standard. The experience for most pupils was very challenging and highly competitive overall.  The final was well attended with over 200 guests. We pray that the aim of the competition, to promote the recitation of the Quran in its beautiful format has been achieved. A huge Jazakallah to Qari Ishaaq and his team of judges for all their hard work and efforts.


Qur’aan Recitation Grand Final Positions

First Place Zakariyya Lunat (Y11)

Second Place Bilal Siyaad (9B)

Third Place Abu Bakr Snell (Y7)

Fourth Place Abdullah Lunat (Y10)

Fifth Place Mohammed Aden (9B)

Sixth Place Abdullah Mulla (9A)

Seventh Place Yusuf Lunat (Y8)



May The Almighty accept the efforts of all the pupils who participated and the judges for taking their time out to help judge the reciatations. Aaameen.