As we waited outside Hackney pirates, as it was closed, we were looking into other shops to have a look at other products and all of a sudden the shutters opened and people started running out, ducking under the metal shop cover. They were shouting many comments at us. I was extremely confused at first. We walked into the shop and at once I realised that they were going for an old fashioned kind of style. The floor was made of wood, and the walls were bricks. We sat down on the comfortable pillows and scarves that they had laid down for us. It was all very welcoming.

One man started talking to us and he was saying ‘I’m so glad to see you again’ and ‘Where have you been.’ Straight away I realised that is what they had been saying to us outside. First we did a role play sort of activity in which we showed how the weather was like out at sea. We sat down again. Then suddenly, a man that had been sleeping on a chair abruptly woke up and jumped up. Then the other man started talking again, telling us a story in which we were the main characters and had crashed on a ship with the helpers, after surviving a storm and a battle with a terrible sea monster.

After this, he made us close our eyes and lie down. At the last second, a pillow was thrown at my face, which was very lucky for me. He told us to imagine the moment when we crashed. I ‘casted my mind back’ to the time when the weather was so terrible, and we hit a boulder. ‘BANG!’ I was in the depths of the ocean.

We opened our eyes. The captain told us there was a secret passage into a room where we would be writing up the end of our stories. He took us through it; we went down some stairs into a very large room where I saw there were lots of computers. However when I looked closer, I realised they were actually NEO’s, special writing devices with a keyboard and a tiny screen just to show your story. Everything was very exciting, so I chose a place in the corner and after the teacher had explained what to do; I started typing away at my NEO. We worked for 20 minutes, and then took a break, in which we played a game, similar to Simon Says however more pirate like. I came second, unfortunately narrowly missing out on winning the game.

Then we returned to our seats to continue working for another approximately 20 minutes. Next we were all told to gather around in a cinema sort of way and the captain was reading tiny snippets of our stories in a very engaging sort of way. I was one of them, and I particularly enjoyed the funny way he said ‘more next time’ at the end of every story and the way we did lights, camera action at the beginning of them. After the reading out, we went back through the secret passage and out of the shop. I had thoroughly enjoyed my morning at the Hackney Pirates.

By Abu Bakr Snell Yr7