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The purpose of this visit was to inspire pupils to become more creative in their writing, through looking at the works of famous writers. Pupils took part in an engaging and special educational workshop called ‘Write Here!’ which is a creative writing workshop that encourages students to generate new work inspired by some of the great writers and original drafts housed at the British Library. This trip also enriched their English Literature and Creative Writing skills.


Our pupils had a brief tour around the British Library and explored an exhibition which contained several Sacred Texts from various religions, originating hundreds of years ago. Pupils had an opportunity to view rare scriptures from The Holy Qur’aan, which dated back to the 10th century, as well as medieval scriptures from the 11th and 12th century relating to Judaism and Christianity.


The final session of the workshop involved pupils working within small groups and using a limited range of words to construct creative sentences and stories. It was fun and challenging at times, especially hearing some of the interesting stories pupils managed to come up with!