Alhamdulillah, our pupils had the opportunity to personally deliver the donations that they collected throughout the past few weeks. We managed to collect 300 kilos worth of food items, which consisted of over 1,000 individual items. Pupils also raised a total of £100 for Crisis UK.

Crisis UK were extremely pleased with our pupils contributions.

”On behalf of our 4,000 homeless guests and 10,000 volunteers, I would like to thank you and the pupils of Tawhid Boys School for your very generous donation of food, soft drinks and clothing items for Crisis at Christmas.

Crisis at Christmas is made possible through the generosity of thousands of individuals, schools, and organisations who donate goods, services, expertise, skills, time and money. Without this support, Crisis at Christmas could not deliver the quality and range of services it has provided for more than 43 years.

Our aim is to end homelessness but we know we cannot do it alone, or immediately. Nevertheless we know, with this support from Tawhid Boys School and the help of all your pupils, we will make a real difference this Christmas for the many thousands of people who have no home.”

With thanks and kind regards



Resources Manager – Crisis at Christmas