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Year 7 visited the National History Museum. They had a tour of the newly built Earthquakes & Volcanoes gallery and participate in the Earth Show: ‘The Variety Show’.


The show had excited pupils about the diversity, complexity and beauty of life on Earth. They observed demonstrations involving animal specimens, large props, volunteers and lots of audience participation. Pupils had learned about species adaptations and how and why scientists classify all living organisms. They also discovered how humans fit into this classification system and they got the chance to do the job of our enquiries service scientists, emphasising the importance of features in the classification and identification of species.

Pupils were also given the opportunity to witness the first ever British astronaut (Tim Peak) launch into space. Our pupils also wrote messages for Mr Peak and these messages will be sent to him in space within a few days’ time. They also visited the newly built Earthquakes & Volcanoes exhibition, which contained several digital geographical displays and practical displays too. Pupils learnt about tectonics plates, effects of earthquakes and the features of a volcanoes.