crisis1234Alhamdulillah, our pupils had the opportunity today to personally deliver the donations that they collected throughout the past few weeks. We managed to collect 300 kilos worth of food items, which consisted of over 1,000 individual items. Pupils also raised a total of £100 for Crisis UK.


Pupils personally visited Crisis UK donations Warehouse in Bermondsey,  South London. They were greeted with smiles from the Crisis UK staff and were taken around for an exclusive tour around the warehouse by Resources Manager Neil M Kennedy, who commented:


Neil M Kennedy (Resources Manager):


“Excellent work done by the pupils of Tawhid Boys School. We are totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of donations received today. It shows how charitable Muslims are and especially the younger generation, who contributed immensely for our Crisis UK Christmas project. We look forward to working with Tawhid Boys School on a regular basis from now on.”



John (Transport Coordinator):


This is my tenth year at Crisis UK and I drive the big lorries and play a huge role in the management of this warehouse. It’s great that Children appreciate that there is a homeless problem in our country. I’m really chuffed to have met pupils from Tawhid Boys School and thank you very much for your generous efforts.


Chris (Warehouse Manager)


“I’ve been a manager for our main warehouse for 6 years and it’s always a joy to meet children who love to get involved with Crisis UK. A huge achievement for Tawhid Boys School. We appreciate all your hard work and undoubtedly, the homeless will definitely appreciate your donations this Christmas.”