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“Alhamdulillah, the School has completed its two year Comenius project, which involved the use of traditional games from national countries as our theme, established a partnership and developed learning between our schools in London and Istanbul. We linked with the Bilgicagi School, which is based in Istanbul, Turkey. As part of the project, we undertook two exchange trips to Turkey, one with pupils and the second trip involving our Teachers. Also, pupils from Bilgicagi School visited the UK as part of the Comenius project too.


Both pupils and Teachers benefitted immensely from this unique and valuable project. We learnt and explored many aspects of the Turkish culture, learning environment, social life and the extraordinary Turkish heritage and historical sites within Istanbul. Overall, we gained valuable social and learning skills from this project.”


My favourite game that I played today was Snakes and Ladders. It was very fun and it helped me to improve some of my counting and maths skills.”

(Year 8 Pupil, Bilgicagi School)


“This trip to Turkey was very beneficial to me and gave me a huge insight into teaching abroad. I learnt a lot and it was very good for my professional development as a Teacher. Teaching foreign students with English as their second language was challenging but fun!”


(Humanities Teacher, Tawhid Boys School)


“My younger brothers and sisters are not that knowledgeable with The Quran, so after playing this game, it influenced me to teach them more about The Quran and help them with their studies overall. This game has now allowed me to develop my personal relationship with others.”

(Year 7 Pupil, Tawhid Boys School)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bilgicagi for being excellent partners, the British Council, and the Lifelong learning programme for giving us this opportunity and supporting the project. We would also like to thank all pupils, staff, governors and local community for participating our project.

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