dofe1On Friday 11th September 2015, pupil from Year 10 undertook their Practice expedition as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, at Young Mariner’s Base, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.This experience gave pupils an insight into the types of activities they would have to undertake for their Qualifier expedition. Pupils had to individually cook their own meals, work as part of a team to navigate around certain routes (which involved 8-10miles of walking each day) and set up their camping equipment with members of their team.


On Saturday 19th September 2015, the pupils undertook their Qualifying expedition as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre, Essex. This was an important expedition for each pupil, as they were all individually assessed by DofE accredited Assessors and many skills had to be utilised by each pupil, in order to make it through this qualifying expedition. It was much tougher than the practice expedition, as pupils had to undertake a 10-12 mile walking expedition each day.


Overall, the pupils performed very well in both expeditions. Lots of leadership skills were shown by the group leaders, elements of teamwork, agility and endurance were very transparent throughout the expeditions. Pupils enjoyed the experience  and are looking forward to completing the Silver Award next year InshaAllah!