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Clever minds and clever gadgets went hand in hand at the Science Challenge which took place at Bsix Sixth Form College. We were introduced to the different challenges on offer: Robotics, Bridge-making, vehicle building and e-fit. After the first round of challenges, our group were a little dismayed after failing to win; although they enjoyed the experience of working alongside pupils from other schools in Hackney.

The second round proved more successful with one Tawhid’s team finishing top in the vehicle challenge and the other coming a mere O.45seconds behind! Our third team was off competing in the Robotics challenge which involved programming a car to navigate an obstacle mat successfully. They were thrilled to achieve the most points in their round.

After lunch – which meant our fasting group sat and watched other people eat – it was time for the final challenge of the day. Building a bridge out of paper may sound easy but the group realised that it is far more tricky than they first thought. Despite planning ahead for the challenge, their paper bridges turned into paper disasters as they barely managed to hold any weight! However, all was not lost as the overall winners for the vehicle challenged were announced to be Esa and Abdul Hadi’s group. They went off cheerfully home holding their trophies whilst the rest consoled themselves with the words: “better luck next time!”

Of course, the day was not only about winning. It was great to see the students from all over Hackney so interested in the tasks and a final talk from a civil engineer had everyone thinking about whether to pursue a career in engineering.