At Tawhid Boys School we will be holding a Mock Elections week  with the aim of encouraging our pupils to become more aware and involved in our country’s voting and democratic process. The Mock Elections will be taking place on Thursday 7th May 2015. 

  • There will be a total of 6 Parties involved in our elections:
  • The Vision Party (Y7A)
  • The Transform Party (Y7B)
  • The Progress Party (Y8)
  • The Tomorrow Party (Y9)
  • The Enrichment Party (Y10)
  • The Future Party (Y11)

Tutors will select the following from their tutor groups.

  • Political Party Candidate (Leader & Deputy Team Leader) = 2 pupils
  • Party Team Members = 10 pupils
  • Party Registrars = 2 pupils
  • Polling Officer = 1 pupil
  • Chief Counter = 1 pupil
  • Polling Station Manager = 1 pupil