On Thursday 16th April, year 8 visited the British Library and participated in a successful workshop which involved viewing several of the galleries and collecting words and phrases as they went along which could make the foundations of a piece of creative writing. As well as learning how to collect raw ideas for a novel, the class also learnt some fascinating trivial facts which included:

– There are 175 000, 000 items in The British library, including many ancient religious books AND Qur’aans
– Up to 3 million new books come into the library every year
-‘Mad’ King George’s personal collection of 65,000 books is preserved in the library, each one of which is priceless.
– The first known recorded written word is ‘water’
– Sir Hans Sloane, a keen traveller and whose bust is in the library brought cocoa beans back from Jamaica for his friend Lord Cadbury who subsequently created chocolate!