On the 17th of March, 2015, classes 7A and 8 from Tawhid boys School participated in two artist led workshops at the Tate Modern, London. 


The outing was organised by Tawhid Boys School to support the students in gaining a deeper enjoyment and understanding of art through working with artists and the Tate collection. The workshops took place in the gallery where students encountered artwork alongside their teachers and artists; during the workshop, they were encouraged to share thinking and ideas to create a unique and diverse learning context that has been designed to encourage individuals to engage with art and contemporary culture.


The Tate Modern gallery takes a wide reaching approach to engagement, inviting students to learn with and from art through being in a conversation with each other, artists and artworks within the particular context of the public space of the gallery. Each conversation, framed as it is through art and practice, was different and unpredictable but always designed to encourage individuals to ask questions and form opinions.


The students enjoyed the outing immensely, finding it very rewarding and reporting that it added very much to their understanding and appreciation of art and culture in the UK today, as well as inspiring them in their own creativity. We at Tawhid Boys School look forwards to participating in further workshops at major galleries in London in the future.