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Art and Design for years 7,8 and 9 at Tawhid Boys School.

The students of Key Stage 3 have Art and Design lessons once a week. Islamic art and architecture traditionally place the highest importance on the achievement of beauty, a natural outgrowth of the Quranic teachings and guidance which emphasise goodness, truth and knowledge. 

Taking Islamic ethics and moral guidelines into account, whilst also fulfilling OFSTED recommendations for the methods taught and achievements expected from the Key Stage 3 Art and Design curriculum, we at Tawhid Boys School have tailored the lessons so the students, through exploring different disciplines of art, gain skills in creativity, focus, problem solving, confidence, perseverance, receiving and giving constructive feedback, non-verbal communication, collaboration, dedication and accountability. 

The classes include instruction in Islamic Calligraphy and Geometry, Drawing (still life), Painting and the use of colours, Design and the use of computers for this purpose. We at Tawhid Boys School have also arranged school outings and workshops at the Tate Galleries in London, to deepen the learnings and inspire the students.