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Alhamdulillah, our School’s 1st ever annual Qur’aan Recitation Competition was a huge success. The event took place after Zuhr Salah on Sunday 8th February at Masjid e Quba, Cazenove Road. We were blessed with beautiful and inspirational recitations from our pupils and many parents and staff/trustees of Tawhid Boys School attended the event too. Our special guest judges panel came from far and wide; Dr. Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera (London), Qari Ziyaad Patel (South Africa), Qari Ilyaas El Badr (Egypt/UK), Qari Tayyab (London) and Maulana Abdul Wahhaab (London).  We were very fortunate to have been blessed with such a prestigious range of judges. May The Almighty reward them for their time and efforts.

The grand final competition was very difficult to judge, according to Qari Ilyaas El Badr, who said: “The overall quality of Tajweed was very immaculate. Clearly, the pupils have been working very hard with their recitation of The Qur’aan.” Qari Ziyaad Patel, who was our chief special guest, also added: ‘The recitation of all six finalists was simply breathtaking and mesmerising. It was such an honour and a joy to listen and to have been been a part of the competition.”


The six finalists recited very eloquently and beautifully. From the 1st round of the competition, in which 38 pupils took part, to the grand final in which six pupils were chosen, the judging was always very difficult. The positions for the grand final competition were:

1st place Muhammad Amaan (Year 10) (£200 Cash prize and trophy)

2nd place Bilal Omar (Year 10) (£125 Cash prize and trophy)

3rd place Abdur Rahman Siyaad (Year 10) (£75 Cash prize and trophy)

4th place Zakariya Lunat (Year 9) (Acknowledgement Award)

5th place Bilaal Siyaad (Year 7) (Acknowledgement Award)

6th place Binyaamin (Year 7) (Acknowledgement Award)

May The Almighty accept all of our pupils’ efforts in taking part in the Qur’aan Competition and May He allow us all to benefit from this event and become more closer to The Qur’aan as a result.  A special jazakallah al khair to Mr Ishaaq for all his hard work in organising and hosting the event to such a high standard. May Allah SWT accept and reward all his efforts in both worlds, Ameen.