Food for All Day is a national day in our school’s calendar that will take place on Friday 30th January 2015. The purpose of the day is to create awareness of food poverty and food waste. We would like to encourage young people to engage in different activities to develop their understanding and provide a platform to make a difference.

The Food for All Day’s objectives include:

  • To raise awareness of food waste and food poverty in the UK.
  • To organise a national school food drive.
  • To develop fundraising skills and raise funds for the establishment of Foodbanks and Breakfast Clubs.
  • To develop a collective community spirit and encourage schools and young people to think of innovative ways of tackling food poverty and food waste.

We would be grateful if you can send non-perishable ambient food items to the school on Friday 30th January. Examples include biscuits, tea, coffee, juice, cereal, rice, pasta, tins, sugar, milk powder, pudding, beans, soup packets and similar items. All the food we collect will be used to feed hungry children and families throughout the UK.