On Tuesday 8th and 11th December, Students at Tawhid Boys School received a very special visit from two very influential speakers from Amnesty International, as part of Human Rights Day and Awareness Week. Wendy Chuung (a leading Human Rights Speaker and Campaigner) and Dan Jones (Education Adviser for Amnesty International and has been tirelessly campaigning with Amnesty International since 1961. He was also shortlisted for ITV’s Pride of Britain Local Heroes Award in 2012)


Both speakers covered many aspects of human rights and delivered important and inspirational messages to our pupils. In the upper school assembly, Wendy Chuung mainly covered the issue of using the death penalty and had pupils engaged in a discussion debating the advantages and disadvantages of countries worldwide still currently using the death penalty. She also covered the impact that Amnesty International has made in relation to abolishing the death penalty in many countries.


Dan Jones delivered a very detailed and interactive assembly with the lower school, in which he introduced pupils to Amnesty International, how they were established and the types of human rights campaigns that they currently carry out. He focused mainly on the various types of human rights that are being breached and how important it is for us all to have access to our human rights freely. He also explained the importance and significance of Human Rights Day.