Over the past four years Tawhid Boys School have been providing food for the elderly by teaming up with AGE UK. Once again we have raised awareness of helping the poor and needy. Pupils bought in food and drink to give to the elderly during the winter. This has been an ongoing campaign for the past four years and it demonstrates our commitment as a School to help the wider community, which also involves catering for the elderly community. We had a huge response from our students and they made a significant contribution by taking part in such a meaningful and important project.”

Hamza B (year 9) (Hackney) “ our small donations brings happiness to an entire group.”

Haroon Jabbar (Year 9)( Hackney)  “Anything as little as one food parcel can bring so much happiness to someone else.”

Abdul Rahman Akhoon ( Hackney) “ If we help the elderly now we will be shown mercy when we are old.”

Huzaifah Mulla (Year 7) ( Hackney) “ We made people happy and put a smile on their faces.”

Bilal Hussein (Year 8) (Haringey) “ We will get a lot of self containment.“

Abdullah Samadi (Year 7) (Harringey”  It’s nice to help and be part of such a noble cause.”

Christine – (Worker at Age UK East London) “ We appreciate the great support Tawhid Boys School has provided for 4 years, this will go towards the Christmas meal which we will cater for over 70 elderly folks”

Elderly user: “ Thank you it so nice to see your smiley faces”

Elderly user: “It’s nice that the younger generations care for us”