Turkey Trip

Turkey Trip

As part of our Comenius project pupils have been invited for their second exchange visit to turkey.  We will be updating this page regularly updating you with activities our pupils take  part in their trip. . To find further details on our Comenius project please visit http://www.tawhid.org.uk/?page_id=246

Day 4:

After breakfast we started our journey towards Istanbul Central via Minibus and Tube….
We arrived at Sultan Ahmed and Aya Sofya at around 11.30am and we decided to look around both sites… We had pre Jumma ice cream outside Sultan Ahmet (Blue Mosque) and then visited the marvellous masjid for Jummah.. Alhamdolillah we go a good space inside the masjid and the children really enjoyed the architecture and cultural heritage of the Sultan Ahmet Camii.

blue mosqueinsidehotel insidepeople outside

Day 3:

Pupils held a mammoth 4 hour games session for approximately 150 Bilgicagi Koleji pupils and their teachers.

They interacted with our Turkish peers who came in 6 groups of 25 pupils. The games were very popular, especially the metal mind teasers, Jenga and the 3D puzzles.

people playing games

Day 2:

Pupils start there project, brain storming to create brochure for the project.

brain stormstart work

Day 1: Pupils arrive in turkey