Introducing Tawhid Parents Portal: My Child at School

MyChildAtSchool [MCAS] is a portal enabling parents to view their child’s academic performance in real-time via a web browser. This facility allows exclusive access to the child’s Attendance, Assessment and Behaviour whenever the parent/carer wishes. As well as student performance data, the portal also provides general useful information about school such as the Academic Calendar and Announcements. 

In summary, MyChildAtSchool provides: 
– Access to real-time Attendance, Assessment and Behavioural data 
– An insight to parents on their child’s schoolwork (homework topics etc.) 
– Communication facilities to improve contact between parents and schools 
– Instant access to Published Reports and Letters 

To access MyChildAtSchool [MCAS] please visit the following website

You can also use MCAS via a smartphone Apple and Android smartphone apps

We sent out login details last week. If you have not received your login details via SMS or email please contact the school via email